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IMP Transport s.r.o.

Company built on solid foundations


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New, safe and equipped to transport your goods

Freight shows the basic idea of a satisfied end customer.

It is the quickest access to your stuff, to your goods.

Transport by vehicles up to 3.5t. is the fastest, most accurate and reliable.

DOPRAVA-IMP is ready to deliver the goods in maximum quality, safety and under specified conditions.

Our services


Express transport

The cornerstone of our policy is Express shipments. In this respect, we are maximally flexible, we deliver the goods safely and of course the delivery date of transfer.


National transport

Everyday transport on Slovak roads guarantees the quality and first-rate delivery of your goods.



International transport

Seamless loading, unloading of goods and exact location to the whole of Europe - IMP Transport s.r.o.



Freight taxis

With experience and flexibility we can handle shipping as a freight TAXI that is always ready to ship the goods to the destination.



Self-current exchange (roller)

The services we provide include all-day access to the vehicle. The vehicle will be housed at your designated location at a specified time, where the driver will be ready to ship the goods to your requirements and needs.


Moving (national, international)

Moving yourself in your city, surroundings, Slovakia or across Europe.

Freight dimensions

Rozmery nákladu
a) 4035
b) 2168
c) 4070
d) 493/602
e) 1250
f) 1755
g) 2030

Price list for transportation

Price up to 200 km 0,60 €/km 0,72 €/km
Price up to 500 km 0,50 €/km 0,60 €/km

Prices are excluding VAT.

Show prices with VAT

When traveling abroad, we will prepare an individual quotation according to your route.

Price list for moving

Price up to 200 km 0,60 €/km 0,72 €/km
Price up to 500 km 0,50 €/km 0,60 €/km
  • Stand-by - waiting time 10,00 €/30 min12,00 €/30 min, every 1/2 hour is charged.
  • Driving in the city 30,00 €/hour36,00 €/hour, every 1/2 hour is charged
  • Minimum driving time is 60,00 €72,00 €

Prices are excluding VAT.

Show prices with VAT

By agreement, we can ensure the loading and unloading of the goods.

For price calculation, please fill out the Order Form.




"I was satisfied with the transport along the route Stará Ľubovňa - Košice mainly because of your flexibility and regular information on the status of the agreed transport. If possible, we will also use your services for the future."

"Seamless transport with the terms and requirements."

"Our shipping requirements have been made to the satisfaction of us and our customers."

"With shipping service, we were beyond measure satisfied, gladly will use them in the future."

"We were happy with the journey, everything went smoothly."

"I was satisfied with the transportation. What was agreed was also implemented. In the future, I plan to turn to your business."

"The transport was done without any problems at the agreed dates, and we will contact you in the future."

"We were satisfied with the shipment, everything was agreed upon."

"The shipment was done in accordance with the agreed rules, the term kept and the goods fine."

"Chceli by sme vyzdvihnúť spoluprácu s firmou IMP Transport s.r.o., Michalovce. Vždy pozitívne naladený majiteľ a veľmi dobrá komunikácia a spolupráca. Určite aj naďalej budeme využívať služby Vašej firmy."

"Spolupráce s firmou IMP Transport s.r.o. je na dobré úrovni. Firma je spolehlivá a v případně nečekaných problémů pracuje rychle a efektivně. Mohu doporučit."

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